Social Work

At a time of extreme need in all strata of our society, the Hermandad Matriz de Almonte, leads various projects as a promoter and developer of initiatives for the needy.

Presentación Carrera Solidaria
Presentation of the Virtual Solidarity Race "Camino del Rocío".

Social Work of the Hermandad Matriz of Almonte

The Social Work is the institutional effort made by the Hermandad Matriz de Ntra. Sra. del Rocío de AlmonteThis is one of the most important aspects of its social work in Almonte. On the one hand, we collaborate with local institutions that provide coverage to different groups with particular and specific needs: ALCON , La Tortuga Association , Alzheimer’s Association , Madre de Dios Residence… On the other hand, particular problems of diverse nature and nature and; likewise, diocesan institutions of the church of Huelva.

On the other hand, the Matriz Brotherhood channels through various solidarity campaigns to collect food, donations and other goods to cover primary needs, the efforts of the Almonteños and rocieros in favor of various realities and accidental or supervening circumstances that require a collective effort. We have also organized more occasional charity events.

On a more exceptional basis, it also collaborates occasionally with other institutions or individuals from other places.

"Shepherdess who lights the way..."

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