This is the poster of the Pilgrimage of El Rocío 2022, a work by José Cabrera.

The 2022 Pilgrimage of El Rocío already has a poster. It has been presented this afternoon in the Parish of Ntra. Sra. de la Asunción, in Almonte. Its author, the Sevillian artist José Cabrera Lasso de la Vega, has emphasized the emotion that this work has meant for him.

The poster has been painted in a mixed technique of acrylic, oil and gold paste, on a previously treated board. The Virgen del Rocío and the Pastorcito appear surrounded by the natural environment of Doñana, among a sketchy grove where native birds, butterflies and other species can be seen, also alluding to the design of the new processional platforms.

The Patroness of Almonte is flanked by the magical light given off by the flares of the Holy Rosary that precedes her triumphal exit, on the shoulders of the people of Almonte. Right at its feet, the word “Romería”, the one we long for, contains in each letter scenes of it: the simpecado of the on horseback, the flow of the carts, the pilgrims, the sounds of the drummers, the monument of the Real del Rocío and the Sanctuary.

At the bottom, two lions guarding the word “Rocío” stand out in the composition. Two ornamental elements that we can also see embossed on the passage of the Virgin and that symbolize the people of Almonte as “Lions of Love” and faithful custodians of the devotion to the Blanca Paloma.

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