In this space you will find the history and curiosities of real estate pieces of the trousseau of the Virgen del Rocío and the Divine Shepherd, as well as works, publications and much of the historical and artistic heritage of the Matriz Brotherhood.

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On July 10, 2014, Mr. Bishop of Huelva blessed the “Treasure of the Hermandad Matriz de Ntra. Sra. del Rocío”. installed in the stands of the Sanctuary of the Patroness of Almonte, being conditioned to enable access to anyone.

Its rooms and showcases are used to preserve and exhibit some of the elements of this multi-secular religious institution. historical-artistic heritage of this centuries-old religious institution, which help us to understand the more than seven centuries of documented history of the devotion to the Virgin of El Rocío. María Santísima del Rocío .

Witnesses Today
The Treasure of Faith

Report of the Canal Sur Television program. “Witness Today” in which Manuel Galán offers the keys to understanding and enjoying the TreasuryThis space, in addition to the conservation and promotion of all the historical-artistic heritage preserved by the Brotherhood, seeks to promote the dissemination of the devotion to the Virgin.

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from October 1 to May 31
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from July 1st to August 31st
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A living museum
Pieces from the Virtual Collection

These are just some of the pieces on display at the Treasury. Access them to enjoy them in more detail.

Presentation Digital Museum – Treasury

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Also known as "Crown of the Brotherhoods", or as it was called from the beginning: "Crown of Love".

Corresponding to the visit of His Holiness in the year 1993

The oldest jewel that is preserved from the jewel box of the Virgin of El Rocío, as a fundamental element of its historical and artistic heritage, popularly known as Corona del Sol, is of great relevance.

It shows the scene of the legendary apparition of the Virgin of El Rocío to a hunter in the forest of Las Rocinas.

Used by Don Enrique Almaraz y Santos, Cardinal Archbishop of Seville, for the blessing of the crowns of the Virgin and Child, in the act of the Canonical Coronation of Ntra. Sra. del Rocío.

It shows a scene of the pilgrimage of El Rocío, but totally idealized.

The Patroness of Almonte used in her clothes the color of each liturgical season.

Erroneously named after the characters that appear in it.

Donated to the Hermandad Matriz by Don Juan Manuel Núñez Báñez, author of the painting of the parchment.

Donated by Bros. Casado de Cepeda and the Brotherhood of Ntra. Sra. del Rocío de La Palma del Condado.

On the front, three locks, the central one being the largest of them all, and today split. The name of this type of ark comes from the latter, since it used to be called "ark of the three keys".

This costume was blessed on April 30, 2011, the day in which the Matriz Brotherhood celebrated the Sabbath of that month in honor of its patron saint, and was premiered by the Blessed Virgin of El Rocío for the pilgrimage of the same year.

Reuses the embroidery of the stole of an early 20th century Valencian chasuble.

One of the best known of all those who usually wears the sacred image of the Virgen del Rocío.

The Patroness of Almonte used in her clothes the color of each liturgical season.

Restored in 1813, the year of the first vow of thanksgiving of the Rocío Chico.

This costume is one of the oldest preserved.

It is a typical Sevillian tile work, which uses yellow, green, blue and white in its range of colors.

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